California Dreaming

After years of talking about making the move west we finally took the plunge. Last fall we made the move to California and have settled in the stunning San Gabriel Valley, specifically Pasadena.

In the short time we've been in the Los Angeles area I've had an opportunity to work on the Fox "Allstar Dog Rescue" which aired on Thanksgiving evening and have been meeting some great people along the way. I've been attending trade seminars as well as being exposed to some great minds in the VR world which is a big part of 2016 for me personally. The mojo of Hollywood is palpable and I'm excited to be living and working in LA and look forward to a great year.


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Hi folks. That's me with my wife and four dogs. Welcome to my site.


A bit of background on me. 

I started in the film business back in the 90's initially in Vancouver, then moved to Toronto for a two year stint and then back to Vancouver for another thirteen years where I worked in commercials, episodic TV and features as an Assistant Director. I moved state-side and started a production company with my wife and another business partner where I have been directing and editing capital campaign films for higher education institutions, brand films and commercials for the past ten years. My style drifts from whimsical to edgy and I love expansive shots that invite the viewer to discover things. I think pacing is integral to telling a story and it's one of the great things about editing your own work as you really develop an appreciation for how shots work together to create mood and convey ideas.

My idea of a perfect project would combine dogs, kids, cars and hockey. I'm not really sure what that would look like other than awesome.

The past year was a particularly interesting one for work. We produced a film for Harvard Business School and told the stories of several accomplished alumni around the world that are breaking the stereotype of business school grads. Filming locations included Boston and surrounding area, a mountain top in Sedona, Ford HQ and F150 factory in Detroit, Tokyo and Kobe, Japan and Lagos, Nigeria. 

It's obvious from the photo that we are dog people, some might say crazy dog people and we are happy to wear that badge.  What you may not know is how we came to share our house with four dogs. What started as a simple plan to get a Redbone Coonhound puppy over ten years ago blossomed into a second canine pup when we rescued a sweet Bluetick Coonhound and named him Cooper. Fast forward half a dozen years and Cooper was no longer with us but we knew our Redbone, Maple, was longing for a four-legged companion. We were fortunate to find a dedicated group that runs a rescue in Annapolis and adopted Walker (pictured in front of Debbie) and then Minnie (under my right arm) joined the fun shortly after that. Three's company seemed to be more than enough for us when we decided to foster a rambunctious Treeing Walker Coonhound named Abe (pictured in front of me) as his days were numbered at the shelter he was in. Initially Abe was to be a foster project and then adopt him out but it didn't take long for him to become a part of our family and now the canines outnumber the humans two to one.














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